Support Center Services LLC has been designing, programming, and supporting software systems for the courier, messenger and trucking industries for more than twenty years.  We provide industry specific software solutions, with real-time operational functionality, for companies with high volume dispatch needs at an affordable price.  Whatever your budget, whatever your size, we have a solution that will fit your pocket.

With years of experience under our belts, much of it "hands-on" working directly within the delivery industry, we know what it takes to ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

ConnectCMS is our core Courier Management System software application and provides a complete back-office solution for your delivery company.  Developed for businesses providing time-sensitive, on-demand, and oftentimes mission-critical services to their client base, it gives you the tools to successfully manage your resources: people, time, money, and assets.  We don't modularize every aspect of our software and ask you to pay separately for each little feature, like some of our competitors.  We assume it's a given that you need varied invoicing and extensive management reporting tools; that you'll want to chase receivables, raise statements, pay driver settlements, and monitor the productivity of your sales team. 

In today's tough marketplace, we understand just how vital it is to remain competitive and still keep up with the demands of your customers.  Our suite of products work together to provide you with all the tools your need to stay ahead of the game.  A comprehensive pricing area allows you to set up your rates as simply or as complex as your individual needs dictate.  Group your clients for similar pricing, or set each of them up with their own customized rates. 

Using a combination of service types, surcharges, zones, mileages, street and city locations, weight and piece schedules, volume discounting, "fudge-factoring" and percentage adjustments, you can create an unlimited number of tariff structures.  For those occasions when automatic pricing is the exception rather than the rule, you can override the charges for the customer, the driver, or both, on a job-by-job basis.  We think we've covered pretty much every pricing possibility you might need, but if you can think of something that we've missed, just let us know and we'll add it! 

ConnectMail Pro provides two-way messaging capabilities between your dispatchers, drivers, operators, and customers.  Using email, SMS or paging, orders can be dispatched to your drivers mobile phones.  After they receive details of an order, they can quickly update the back-office system by sending canned responses relating to the status of the job.  Once drivers send back proof-of-delivery details, the information is processed and automatically sent via email to your customer, letting them know their package has been delivered and the order is complete. 

ConnectFTP allows your clients to integrate data from your system into theirs, and vice-versa.  It runs seamlessly in the background monitoring and downloading orders that have been generated remotely by your customers.  It can create and upload standard or customer specific proof-of-delivery and chargeback files.

WebConnect, QwikQuote & QwikTrack modules give your customers the ability to place and track orders online.  Instead of having to call for delivery status updates, your customers have up-to-the-minute information at their fingertips with just a click of the mouse.  They can manage their frequently used pickup and delivery addresses, produce activity reports, view historical orders, update account information, setup authorized users, print BOLs, send messages to your dispatchers and staff, and reprint invoices.

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